About AzkabanEdit

Azkaban is a prison within the wizarding world, serving Great Britain. Located on a rocky island in the middle of the North Sea, the cold and desolate location make it impossible to escape from merely by swimming away. It is the wizarding world's equivalent to Alcatraz, only worse.

The prison is uplottable, has disapparation jinxes placed upon it (the only way to get on or off the island is by designated, timed portkeys made by Ministry of Magic officials, and dementors patrol it. For a time the dementors were discontinued, but after Voldemort's reign of terror ended, they were reinstated against the wishes of many within the wizarding community.

For travel to Azkaban, as stated previously, one must obtain a portkey from the Ministry of Magic. Generally the only ones allowed on or off the island are members of the M.L.E., though Healers, immediate family members of prisoners (and only after a thorough search and questioning as to intent of visit under Veritaserum), and upper echelon Ministry members are permitted. Only a few Ministry of Magic officials have been given the knowledge of Azkaban's exact location, which is required to make the portkeys, and those officials include the Ministress of Magic, the Head of the Auror Department, the Head of the MLE Department, and the Head of the Department of Magical Transportation.

Previous Inhabitants (On Board)Edit

Finella Croyden - Potions smuggling

James Devlin - Murder