Calista Malone

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Professor of Divination at Hogwarts.

Major Event ParticipationEdit

  • Cwm Y Dewin Cud ~ Burn it to the Ground ~ The Order of the Dragon's attack on the all wizarding village that the Minstry was opening, at its grand opening. (Cwm Y Dewin Cud ~ Burn it to the Ground)


Calista Malone was born in Fraserburgh, Scotland. Her father Angus is a Liason and her mother Margaret was a Seer, employed by several upperclass pureblood families. Despite her father’s reluctance she quickly found that like her mother she was gifted at the art of Divination. A student of Hogwarts when she was a girl, she was a member of the Slytherin house and for good reason. Ambitious she allowed nothing to stand in her way of following in her footsteps, not even her mother’s death when she was fourteen. Although the art of Divination had simply been a passion before she became even more determined to carry on her mother’s legacy. Her reputation both within school and her heritage made her well known. So the offer of teaching at Hogwarts was quickly taken when the Headmaster offered it. Even though her hard work paid off it had a profound effect on her attitude. She became quite stern and doesn’t like any nonsense within her classroom. Still the fiery red headed woman has been known to be incredibly motherly to those who show skill in her class.

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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.

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Professor of Divination at Hogwarts.

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