Cerberus ~ The Three Headed DogEdit


Derrick Halliwell, Vivian Gardner, and Everett Tamasine form Cerberus

About CerberusEdit

In Greek Mythology the Cerberus is the three headed guard dog of the Underworld said to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping. In the Wizarding World however, it is known as a three man group of mercenaries said to do biddings for the highest bidder. Their clients can range from anyone who has money or anyone who has the ability to provide them with a “favor” they can “cash in” when ever they please. This group holds no regard for the law as they live by their own, thus making them the best “clean up” artists available in London. Their influence has extended over word of mouth and by their untarnished record of successful jobs. These include, but are not limited to heists, information gathering, assassinations and procurement. They are an unspoken, yet known entity, felt in the streets of Knocturn, and usually behind the shadiest of dealings.

To get in contact with them, word of mouth is passed around though know one is quite sure how it reaches the group. If one has a task in mind and it has reached the right ears, a message of a meeting will be arranged were terms are discussed. Known even to some of the Ministry people, they are abide by no law but their own, and are therefore feared and a taboo subject. Three men in masks and cloaks, beaming yellow eyes and distorted voices that scare the people into silence.

Cerberus consists of three individuals: Derrick Halliwell, Everett Tamasine, and Vivian Gardner.