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Character's Full Name: Frederica Sosie Jouet

Nickname: Fed, Rica

Why was the character given this name?

Fed's parents are French, hence the surname Jouet; Frederica was her mother's favorite sister (who passed under unfortunate circumstances), and Sosie was the choice Fed's father wanted for Frederica. It settled as her middle name.

Does the character like their name?

Fed does like her name, however, she doesn't like to hear people having trouble saying it (or saying it in a way she'd think was wrong), so she likes to ask people to give her nicknames instead… so long as she likes the nicknames too!

Eye Color: Blue

Glasses needed?: No

Hair Color & Length: Mid-length blonde hair

Build & Body Type: Skinny and quite short for her age now…

Birthday: March 21

Astrological Sign: Aries

Place of Birth: Lancaster, Lancashire, England

Places the Character has lived: Lancaster, Lancashire, England; London, England

Current residence: London, England

Nationality: English

Native Language(s): English; when they tried to teach her French when she was little, she spent far too much time talking to let the others teach her!

Accent Present? If so what accent?: London accent; she only lived in Lancaster until she was three, so the London accent won out.

Pets: Scarlet, a ginger cat

Wand (Wood, core, length, & flexibility): Mahogany with Phoenix Feather, twelve inches, pliable.

Blood Status: Half-Blood (Father wizard, mother Muggle)

Social Class: Middle-class

Special Talents/Skills: None that she brags of yet.

Mannerisms or Habits: She can hold a conversation for a very long time, and doesn't seem to tire of it. She can also change the topic a lot, though.

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Student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. As of dragon year 9 a second year.

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Still a student.


Still a student.

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