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Order of the DragonEdit

No one is quite sure where they came from, or when, but The Order of the Dragon is rapidly becoming a threat to everyone.

Their goal is simple, bring the wizarding world out of its seclusion, out of hiding. They feel it is the only way for their species to survive. The group finds the Statute of Secrecy and resulting problems pointless and seeks to change them, seeing no reason to hide who they are from Muggles, when they should rule them.

Rumors of destruction, and murder, regardless of the dwindling population, done at their hands however...have now reached wizarding ears. But beware, for not all the chapters of the Order of the Dragon are alike. And some...are less bloodthirsty than others.

Its FormationEdit

The London branch of the Order of the Dragon was formed by Joseph Arlington, a less than halfblood wizard born to a Muggle mother and a Muggleborn father, he attended Durmstang and developed a strong...distaste for the lack of tolerance towards Muggles and Muggleborns by the wizarding world. He also, unfortunate for his enemies, developed a talent for the Dark Arts and a thirst for power. This only grew upon leaving school, and he found that many wizarding laws, such as the statue of secrecy, were ridiculous, and he found himself joining the already established Order of the Dragon elsewhere. Eventually he rose up within its ranks and began the London Chapter. As for how the Order of the Dragon initially began one is certain, and it has been kept a closely guarded secret for the safety of those who began it.

Order of the Dragon MembersEdit